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 To whom it may concern,

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Barefoot MasterMind Conference
where Dr Vince Rizzo was one of the featured speakers. Dr Rizzo’s presentation
was in line with the conference theme of “influence” and was both entertaining
and enlightening. I thoroughly appreciated his ability to explain the connection
between leadership and character; and how positive influence can and should
be wielded in the real world. It was clear to me that he spoke from more than
just a theoretical perspective, demonstrating a handle on the practical application
of the influence process. For organizations and individuals looking to build
stronger leaders

I would highly recommend seeking out Dr Rizzo’s unique expertise and
communicative skills.


Dr. AJ Rubano, DC https://twitter.com/doctorajr

Invite Dr. Vince Rizzo to speak at your Church, Business, or Corporate Event

Dr. Vince has been speaking and coaching for several years on a variety of subjects that are practical messages that inspire, while challenging audiences to realize and live out the “God” potential life within them. Dr.Vince is passionate about planting seeds that ignite a shift towards renewed minds and changed behavior. These subjects are delivered with clarity and fresh insights for people of all vocations, professions and backgrounds.

He will customize a message best suited for your goals and initiatives and will bring the powerful and practical presence of Christ to your audience. His goal is to inspire, invoke change and to build relationships with every leader and community he has the opportunity to engage with and serve. He works with any size group, and focuses on lasting change that is pivotal in nature.

He enjoys coming to speak to local gatherings in your community, even in homes. The intimacy and time of sharing brings encouragement to all involved, and the relationships gained are forever.

He especially loves to preach and teach and will do so on a love offering and expenses basis.

Contact us for availability.


 Posted on : August 29, 2013