Vince Rizzo Ministries- Mission North was a homeless mission we ran for 7 years in North Fort Myers, Florida, We fed approx. 12,000 people per year out of a tiny storefront with no kitchen. We had services 4 nights per week providing hot meals afterwards along with toiletries bibles and blankets. We had around 60 volunteers, serving food, preaching and ministering along side us.


Me preaching at one of the services we preached and provided meals 4 nights a week.

Some of the regulars waiting for us to arrive to open.

Some of the men singing up front.

One of many guest speakers we had over 60 volunteers.

It is so packed inside that we had to bring a table outside,

Some of the men enjoying a hot meal.

Some of the homeless folks waiting for the service to start.

Young and old they came to get fed spiritually and physically.

A couple of the regulars singing for us.

One of our volunteers giving a gift to a homeless man.

One of the volunteers children brought me a headscarf so we could

look like pirates.

This man one night after my preaching insisted on being baptized on the spot. I believe in baptism by immersion however, I did what could I poured water on him in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and WOW did we feel the presence of God. I think God honored it anyway.

Baptizing a homeless man the more conventional way.

A few of our music volunteers.

Food laid out for our one of our food basket distributions for needy families.

Our thrift store that we used to sell donated items.

I spoke at this large Lutheran Church and the ladies hand made hundreds

of quilts which they displayed on the back of the pews. They also

donated the bus below.

A small bus that was donated we had big box truck and some other vehicles.

We have been married and in ministry for 32 years, 20 of those years have been spent specifically serving the Lord by blessing others. First with our 7 years running the mission and discipleship training center and now 13 years providing free and low-cost biblical education to students from around the world. Our goal has always been to be a blessing.

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 Posted on : May 30, 2017