Vince Rizzo Ministries- Christian Discipleship Training Center was a free men’s program we operated on a donated 8 acre property with hotel and restaurant.


A couple of the men building the sign and adding lights and letters.

The finished sign before we planted the flowers around it.

This is a view of the front half of the 14 room training center.

This is a view of the dining facility from the training center.
This is the outside of the dining facility.
 A men’s group built these crosses and painted them for in front
of the dining facility. On Easter we lit them up with a purple robe and
crown of thorns on the middle one. This property was on a main road.
We had a tree that was dying someone came and
wanted charge us to cut it down. We did not have
the funds and to our surprise they did this for free.
This is the inside of the dining facility
This was one of 3 dorms we had a classroom, a chapel offices and
a gym as well as a large living room and kitchen.
This was the front living room
This was a visitors waiting room.
An artist came in and created a mural on the back wall of the chapel. He
also did the logo on the building which represented God reaching out to man
thru the cross.
Pastor Vince & Laura at the ribbon cutting at the grand opening.
This is the gym located in a small cottage behind the training center.

Pastor Vince with some of the men in front of the dining facility.

We have been married and in ministry for 32 years, 20 of those years have been spent specifically serving the Lord by blessing others. First with our 7 years running the mission and discipleship training center and now 13 years providing free and low-cost biblical education to students from around the world. Our goal has always been to be a blessing.

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 Posted on : May 31, 2017